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Volunteer Plus strives to better individual lives and communities in Tanzania by carefully researching and selecting specific volunteer programs that will positively impact both communities and individual volunteers. To learn more about volunteering with Volunteer Plus, click on the Read More link below! Read More

Our Vision

Volunteer Plus is a non profit organization that strives to give volunteers an opportunity to experience other cultures and broaden personal experience while supporting, impacting and bettering the lives of vulnerable individuals and communities



Volunteer Plus was launched in May of 2017 by Godlove Lekule. Mr Lekule is originally from Tanzania and is now living in the United States. “All this came to my mind after these trips back and forth between Tanzania and the United States. One country with so much, and one with hardly enough to get by. And I call these places both my home. We are not living in this world forever, and I am not going to leave this world without leaving a positive impact”, quotes Mr Lekule.

After doing research on opportunities to make a positive impact, forming a non-profit with 501(c)(3) status was an answer. Mr Lekule contacted a close friend, Trevor Shoniwa, PhD in Accounting from the University of Nebraska-Lincoln, explained the plans for Volunteer Plus and asked Mr Shoniwa to partner. Without a doubt, Trevor said, “let’s do this!”. With the need for more brainpower and support, Renee Langan, BS in Environmental Studies from the University of Nebraska-Lincoln and with prior volunteer experience in Tanzania, and Vanessa Lekule, Associate’s Degree in Graphic Design from Southeast Community College joined the effort. Godlove, Trevor, Renee and Vanessa provide support and management in the United States. Heavenlight Temu chairperson, Gilbert Meleck secretary and Benjamin Tillya treasury offer support in Volunteer Plus Tanzania.

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