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Medical and HealthCare

When it comes to health and medical issues, there are a wide range of opportunities for volunteers. From lending a hand to a nurse during her rounds at the hospital to conducting a small seminar on a health topic such as the dangers of smoking, HIV, lead poisoning, family planning and a lot more, Volunteer Plus can find a way to put your knowledge and skills to use. Current partners in Tanzania include Arusha Lutheran Medical Center and Mount Meru Regional Hospital.

Construction and Renovation

To participate in construction and renovation projects you do not need any formal education or experience. All work will be led by local professionals with your hands and enthusiasm as support. Because construction/renovation projects can be physically taxing, we ask that you be appropriately fit and healthy. Volunteers can make positive impacts on schools, hospitals, homes and community centers.

Sports and Music | Art and Dance

Utilize your music, dance, artistic or athletic skills and knowledge to help build self-confidence in locals and in vulnerable children. We believe that sharing, creating and playing together can bring joy and growth to both volunteers and locals. Support school physical and music education programs and educate locals and teachers on the importance of sports and arts in keeping youth healthy and vigorous!

Education and Teaching

Volunteer Plus shares the opportunity to assist local schools and teachers in expanding the experience and knowledge base of students, and teachers, in various academic and vocational settings. Our volunteers can assist local teachers in a class setting, or independently facilitate classes for students in subjects such as English, history, math, geography, or chemistry. Whatever your area of expertise, we can find a teaching opportunity for you. Additional opportunities include instructing at vocational centers that train teenagers and adults of the community on practical skills that can be used in the workplace!

Community | Development

Opportunities for supporting a community in creating and implementing community development projects are unlimited. Teach the importance of refuse management and establish local recycling programs, facilitate the creation of public greenspace and community gardens, or help local individuals develop small business plans. Because Volunteer Plus was established by Tanzanian locals, staff can assist volunteers with determining what projects would be most beneficial and appropriate for local communities and can assist volunteers in connecting to local resources to support the effort.

Wildlife and Forestry Conservation

Volunteer Plus collaborates with Amani Nature Reserve in the Tanga Region of Tanzania to provide conservation research, support and learning opportunities for volunteers. The Reserve houses the historical Amani Hill Research Station and Amani Botanical Gardens, founded in 1902. The Amani Hill Research Station is well known for its research into malaria after World War II and has been featured in numerous media outlets, including National Geographic and BBC. Our volunteers also have the opportunity to work with the Forestry Training Institute, Olmotonyi in Arusha.

From volunteer ideas listed above to projects in agriculture and farming, there are unlimited opportunities to put your skills and knowledge to use! If individuals have specific areas of interest that aren’t listed above, Volunteer Plus staff will collaborate with local organizations to create an opportunity for you!

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