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Ng'iresi Village Farm Project

Volunteer Plus team members planted potatoes at a farm located at Ng’iresi Village on Arusha Tanzania. We are proud of team participation from the early stages of preparing the farm and planting to final stage of harvesting. After the harvest, we were able to sell all the products on profit and that we donated our profit at an orphanage center called GLOBAL ORPHANAGE DEVELOPMENT ORGANIZATION from Arusha.

Seeking Help For Losirwa Dispensary

Ndeenga Shamata has always stood for the voiceless within and even beyond her community and would do anything within her powers to create a better environment for all especially women and children.      Losirwa dispensary is one of her recent intended projects of which truly meant rescuing the lives of both children and their mothers. The dispensary building was built and donated by the WORLD VISION Ketumbeine as the only health center for over 2,000 people who resided within Losirwa village which is more than 80km away from the nearest Hospital not mentioning the absence of transport for any emergence. Losirwa dispensary is hidden away in a rural area where other than grass churched top houses there is no other housing for the workers like doctors. This has raised another challenge for the dispensary to have enough workers of which currently it have only two workers (one Assistant Clinical Officer and one Certificate Level Nurse). The dispensary building has only six rooms. 

With so much shortage of everything, mothers and their newborns are always at high risk, Also there is no special room for women to safely deliver in. The one room which is  available for delivery has only one bed which sometimes has been used for wound treatment which creating more risks catching extra bacterial diseases. When Miss Shamata shares the need for partitioning the one available room to create a safe room for women to deliver in by separating it from the wounds/syringe room, Volunteer Plus Tanzania was touched by such reality and decided to stand with Miss Shamata to create a safe environment for both mother and child. This will cost approximately 2.6 million Tanzanian Shillings (USD 1,210) to which materials for partitioning the room and the fees for the expert who will be doing the job. Volunteer Plus is now trying its best to fundraise this amount for the sake of the child and mother.  We believe putting mother and child health first is a duty to us all as it influences so much within developed especially to rural communities where women play a big role in taking care of families.

Volunteer Plus is asking you to join hands with us to make this great cause a reality of which otherwise it will take another good while to ever happen.  

Losirwa dispensary still awaits for its big miracle to happen, a laboratory. The dispensary is indeed of a laboratory of which it will serve more than 6,000 people from nearby villages who are facing a deficit in health facilities. A lab building would cost approximately USD 7,900 and we are seeking as much help as possible to make a difference within such societies. It is through moments of needs like these that give us a twinkling of appreciation for every health opportunity we can access and leads us to help lift those who yet get there. 

Thank you in advance for thinking of partnering with us to make a better today for tomorrow! Together This is Possible.

Go Back to School - Lopolosek Primary

This project was a go back to school for the rural students in the efforts to boost excellence in education and self-esteem within students and teaches.  Rural schools face more hardship than most can ever be put to the open, including have extremely fewer teachers, many students, less developed facilities and even more, less accepting societies toward education. Lopolosek falls under it all, yet they try their best.

This project aimed especially less disadvantaged among the disadvantaged. While more than 400 notebooks/exercises, 200 pens and more than 100  pencils, some chalks where donated, more than 50 students got lucky enough to have so much needed uniforms. This project has rather opened our eyes to see the greater need within rural schools, to support and boost education and even more importantly bring about education awareness amongst students and even parents. Advocating about the effects of early marriages and FGM amongst girls especially was one of the very emphasized topic by one of our team member, stating that “education is the only way to true freedom” from all those looming problems towards the girls.

Volunteer Plus is way thankful to all those who have been part of this in one way or the other and also to miss Shamata for this incredible idea and for being part of this project. We look forwad to our next volunteer activity.

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